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Alaska Communications IPv6 Tunnels

Alaska Communications has implemented IPv6 Rapid Deployment and Simple Internet Transition tunnels to allow subscribers to start using IPv6 on home networks. These IPv6 transition technologies are intended to allow subscribers to begin experimenting with IPv6 and should not be used in production environments.

IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd) is enabled for most subscribers on the Alaska Communications network. 6rd is supported by many routers and may be configured by following the router's documentation and using the parameters listed under IPv6 Rapid Deployment on this page. 6rd provides each tunnel a /64 subnet for use within the subscriber's network.

Simple Internet Transition (SIT) tunnels are created for select subscribers and employees helping engineers at Alaska Communications to test IPv6 services. SIT tunnels are created on the Alaska Communication's Tunnel Broker and allow engineers to mimic production IPv6 environments.